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  • Do you supply sharps and swabs?
    We do not supply or sell sharps or swabs. Amazon is great for well priced supplies. It's also possible to get your sharps for free from a needle exchange centre in your nearest city.
  • Do you provide dosage recommendations and preparation instructions when I order?
    Dosage and preparation instructions are emailed at the time of shipping. We also provide Dr William Seeds' dosage recommendations in this recent blog post. Note: Dr William Seeds is not affiliated with PSA, and all information is taken directly from his book Peptide Protocols Vol 1, which is available on Amazon.
  • Oral or Injectable application?
    Peptides are best injected. When applied orally or nasally, only 20% or less of the substance will be absorbed by the body. Read this article to learn more.
  • What syringes do I need for peptides?
    Basic insulin style needles are used. 29-31 gauge, 1ml syringe with a fixed needle is the most common sharp used.
  • I'm new to peptides; I have read your blogs and need personalised help!
    As we are not doctors, we cannot provide personalised protocol advice. We recommend downloading to help with daily dosage calculations. If you're a peptide beginner, check out Dr Willaim Seeds (Peptide Protocole Volume 1) Ensure you have visited our self-help section at PSA Scholar where you will find many resources.
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